Oct 03

Stay Connected to Your Cadillac Through Your Apple Watch

Cadillac owners have a new reason to get excited this October because big changes are coming to the myCadillac mobile app. As you may have noticed, the Apple Watch has gained a strong following among tech enthusiasts and the everyday consumer alike. There’s no denying the convenience and style of the intelligent Apple Watch, so Cadillac has decided to make its myCadillac mobile app compatible with it!

With this new addition to the myCadillac mobile app’s compatibility, Cadillac drivers will be able to lock, unlock, start, stop and locate their Cadillac all through their Apple Watch. They can even use their Apple Watch to begin walking directions to where they parked their Cadillac and activate or cancel their car’s horns and lights. This new-found capability will only enhance the convenience of Apple CarPlay™ that already comes standard across the full Cadillac lineup. Apple CarPlay™ has made it simple for Cadillac drivers to control their music, phone and navigation all on their dash, so they never have to take their eyes off the road. And if you buy or lease a Cadillac Escalade or Cadillac CT6, you can even use Apple TV to stream movies and shows through your rear infotainment system!

If you want to experience Apple CarPlay™ for yourself and see how your Apple Watch can sync with a new Cadillac, visit Mastria Cadillac today!

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