Nov 11

Suzuki Concept Cars Push the Envelope

Suzuki cars are known for their oversized personalities and downsized price tags, a fact further cemented by a series of concept cars the automaker has prepared for the 42nd Tokyo Auto Show, which begins December 3.

Suzuki pulled out all the stops to craft a trio of awe-inspiring small cars designed for the urban environment, and while these designs will likely never reach Suzuki car dealerships in America, they reveal Suzuki’s potential future car design ambitions.

One vehicle, dubbed the Regina, is a compact car weighing in at just 1,600 pounds and capable of 75 mpg, giving the small car impressive legs to match its funky, aerodynamic shape. Inside, the Regina features a green checkered carpet and similarly styled seats for four occupants.

Another vehicle even more radical than the Regina is known simply as the Q-Concept and resembles a large portable CD-player placed on its side. With tandem seating for two, the Q-Concept is only 2.5 meters long, making it a vehicle best suited for city life where parking space is at a premium.

Suzuki’s third concept car is the Swift EV hybrid, which is a range-extended electric vehicle. Suzuki says the vehicle can travel between 12 and 18 miles on battery power alone before the engine kicks in. Precise details of the Swift EV Hybrid’s drivetrain have yet to be released so we’ll have to wait for the show to see.

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