Mar 04

Mastria Auto Group Completes Solar Installations at Three Dealerships


Mastria Nissan Solar Installation

While we may not yet sell solar-powered vehicles at our Massachusetts dealerships, the sun now provides electricity to 30 percent of our overall operations. The Mastria Auto Group has teamed with Solect Energy Development of Hopkinton to complete solar installations at three of our dealerships, with another system slated for our fourth dealership, Mastria Mazda, by the middle of this year.

Now operational on the roofs of Mastria Buick GMC Cadillac, Mastria Subaru and Mastria Nissan, the current solar installations combine to produce 216 kilowatts of energy by using 748 Canadian Solar and Hanwha Q CELLS panels. They are expected to save our family of dealerships up to $40,000 in electricity costs each year, while the upcoming installation at Mastria Mazda will generate an additional 41 kilowatts, netting an extra $10,000 in annual savings.

Mastria Buick GMC Cadillac Solar Installation

Solect’s solar installation on the roof of Mastria Buick GMC Cadillac.

Recently speaking to Solar Power World magazine, the Mastria Auto Group’s Chief Financial Officer Rob Mastria expounded the virtues and cost savings of pulling energy from the sun:

“The environmental issues have always been at the forefront. The brands we represent are all very environmentally conscious. Nissan is very big in the electric vehicle market, for example. At the same time, we have this valuable asset on our roof, and knew we had the opportunity not only to help the environment by using green energy but also to help our bottom line through cost avoidance of electricity as well as through the financial incentives and tax benefits available.”

In addition to tax credits and deductions at the state and federal levels, the Mastria Auto Group is eligible for Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) in Massachusetts. To meet the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, electrical utility providers must source a certain percentage of their energy from renewables. They often purchase SRECs to meet that goal, while independent solar-system owners like Mastria earn one SREC each time they produce 1,000 kilowatt hours of energy.

“Our solar installations present a win-win situation for our dealerships, which save money and can better align with their brands’ environmental goals, and for our customers, who can feel good knowing that the thorough maintenance on their car is being powered in part by the sun,” added Rick Mastria, president and chief executive officer of the Mastria Auto Group. “Also, as a company that believes in building a better community, we’re proud to be contributing to a healthier environment for future generations in Massachusetts.”


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