Oct 17

Car & Driver Magazine Unveils 2014 Mazda3 Details

Car & Driver recently uncovered some details about the upcoming 2014 Mazda3, and it looks like the popular compact car will be going on a diet before its reveal. Like the recently revealed 2014 Mazda6, the next generation Mazda3 is expected to shed hundreds of pounds, which should result in improved fuel economy without sacrificing the Zoom-Zoom that drivers love about Mazda cars.

Additionally, the new Mazda3 will receive a makeover to be more in line with the redesigned 2014 Mazda6, shown above. The KODO style language offers sleek, sculpted sheet metal, an aggressive front fascia and a more upright grille than its current “smiling” version. Mazda’s best-selling model will still be as fun to drive as the current generation, and while the current SKYACTIV engine is expected to carry over, a new diesel powertrain might even make it to the States!

We’re expecting the 2014 Mazda3 to roll onto our lot late next year or early in 2014, but if you just can’t wait that long, there’s still a lot to love about the current Mazda3, which can return up to 40 mpg on the highway. Drop by our Massachusetts Mazda dealership to test-drive one today!

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