Nov 02

Mazda Sets Future Electrification & Connectivity Goals

You know Mazda as the brand that takes a human-centered approach to building and designing cars that spark emotion and passion on the road. Now, Mazda Motor Corporation wants you to know the brand for its new electrification and connectivity strategies, which are designed to enrich the lives of people, society and the earth. Get to know the latest initiative by Mazda, called “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030,” at Mastria Mazda!

Mazda Motor Corporation wants its consumers to feel connected to their Mazda sedan or SUV and drive with better peace of mind. To Mazda engineers, a driver should experience the joy of driving and car ownership when buying or leasing a new Mazda. To generate this joy, Mazda has launched two new corporate strategies: electrification and connectivity.


Mazda has launched its electrification strategy to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions in its vehicles. Mazda wants to introduce electrification technology that’s both lightweight and compact to achieve this goal. By 2030, Mazda hopes to have some form of electrification tech incorporated into its vehicles. They expect that 95% of Mazda sedans and SUVs will contain a combustion engine alongside electrification tech, and that the remaining 5% will be battery electric cars. Mazda Motor Corporation is hoping to introduce two battery electric cars as well. The first model will run entirely on battery and the second will feature both a battery and a new range extender that’s paired with a rotary engine. This new extender will recharge the car’s battery when needed to help improve the vehicle’s driving range.


Mazda Motor Corporation’s connectivity initiative is designed to foster interpersonal relationships between people, society and cars. Mazda is looking to team up with other automotive companies to develop new tech that creates a sense of community between all three factions. Like Akira Marumoto, the Representative Director, President and CEO of Mazda said, this is the brand’s chance to create a new car culture that forges an emotional connection with its customers.

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