Jul 31

Nissan to Make Rear Door Alert Technology Standard on All Models

nissan rear door technology

Elsa Foley, along with colleague and fellow mother Marlene Mendoza, holds a patent for Nissan Rear Door Alert (RDA) technology.


Over the next four years, Nissan is rolling out its innovative Rear Door Alert (RDA) technology to all four-door Nissan models. This advanced Nissan feature was initially launched last year, and is designed to remind drivers to check the back seat after they complete a trip. By model year 2022, Nissan plans to have installed RDA on all four-door Nissan trucks, sedans and SUVs.

While this feature is rapidly spreading across new Nissan models, it was conceived with humble beginnings. Marlene Mendoza, a mechanical engineer, arrived home one night with a pan of lasagna in the backseat of her car. She forgot to bring it with her inside that night, and by morning, the damage was done. But Mendoza, who was pregnant at the time, wasn’t focused on the smell that lingered in her car for days — she was concerned about what might have happened if she’d left behind something more important.

To tackle this problem, Mendoza teamed up with a colleague and fellow mother, Elsa Foley. The pair developed RDA, which helps drivers with equipped Nissan models to remember anything they might have put in the backseat. These Nissan vehicles will track if a rear door is opened before a trip, and if it is not reopened at the destination, the driver will be alerted with a series of distinctive honks.

“I’m proud to see Nissan lead the way by making Rear Door Alert standard on more models,” Mendoza said. “What started as a chat with my colleague, Elsa Foley, is now innovative technology being adopted in more Nissan models. It is a testament to Nissan’s culture.”

This feature, which can be temporarily or permanently disabled, may be especially valuable on warm days. Temperatures can skyrocket rapidly inside a car in moderate temperatures, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). If the temperature outside is sitting in the mid-60s, the interior of a car could quickly top 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

RDA may still be a new technology, but it is coming to more Nissan models soon. After debuting as standard equipment on the 2018 Nissan Pathfinder, RDA will also be standard on the popular 2019 Nissan Rogue, the 2019 Nissan Altima and six other 2019 Nissan models. Visit our Nissan dealer in Raynham, MA, to learn more about Rear Door Alert, and test-drive a Nissan model with this new feature!



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