Jan 05

Motor Trend Test Drives the Kizashi – and Loves It!

We trust the folks at Motor Trend when it comes to up-to-date auto news and recommendations, so when we heard that they had taken a Suzuki Kizashi GTS AWD for a test drive, we had to see what they thought. The verdict? They liked it! (We’re not at all surprised.)

In his recap, Motor Trend reporter Michael Shaffer calls the Kizashi an “attractive” and “wonderful little car,” citing stylish details from the sedan’s aggressive fenders down to the metal “Kizashi” tag on the floor. While he found there to be more than enough room in the back seat for his 5’11” self, he also found driving to be a treat because of the steering wheel-mounted controls, firm steering and responsive paddle-controlled transmission. You can find the entire review here: http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/sedans/1201_2012_suzuki_kizashi_gts_awd_first_test/

If you’re looking for something that will stand out among all the bland Civics and Corollas, consider a Kizashi. We agree with Motor Trend that this unique little sedan is underappreciated, but we’re biased. So test one for yourself – come down to our local Massachusetts Suzuki dealership and see how far the Kizashi’s style, ability and 29 highway mpg can get you.

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